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Accelerating the Future of Space Technology

The Technology

We use our technologies and space experience to develop and deploy capabilities, such as in-space networks and advanced constellations to meet your capability needs

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Our PlexusMesh "constellation data routing" software provides autonomous data path discovery between the application source and destination for seamless networking between satellites operating in LEO and GEO orbits and can bridge independent constellations for real-time communication to every point in the system.

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Our versatile emulation environment lets you design and debug your entire constellation before deployment providing an accurate "try-before-you-fly" system to visualize and test typical and edge-case scenarios providing high confidence of performance before launch.

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ETAP uses electro-adhesion technology and provides a flexible attaching surface to instantly grip/release objects of almost any material, metallic or non-metallic, and adhering indefinitely while using extremely low power.

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GigRouter is a space hardened router designed to interconnect satellite subsystems with up to 10Gb ethernet capability for quick plug-and-play integration. The GigRouter houses applications like PlexusMesh for constellation-level network connections.

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DMORF is a dual-mode communication subsystem which abstracts optical and radio transceivers into a single device and provides intelligent modes which optimize for redundancy, QOS, or high bandwidth demands.


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As you plan your next mission, find out how easily we can help to enhance your services. With global reach, we're ready to discuss new and improved ways to serve your customers. We can provide flexible connectivity tailored to your needs. Let's talk about how we can work together to support your business objectives.

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